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Dental Marketing Expertise

You’ve spent years in dental school, completed a residency, and your vacations probably revolve around a CE class. As a dentist, you have a language all your own, one that your kids likely roll their eyes at. And now you’re thinking about working with a local freelancer or agency who doesn’t understand what dental marketing terms like soft tissue laser, Cerec or all-on-four means? Puh-leeze. You don’t have time to teach these people dentistry – you’ve got patients to treat!

What you need is GPM. We speak dentistry. We speak patient. We know dental marketing – cold. Like more than 18 years and 800 practices type of cold. Heck, we are quite literally married to your industry.

If you want real results from your dental marketing and advertising, from people who really speak your language, the solution is really simple. One Solution. One Company. GPM. (Darn, that sounded really cocky. We promise it’s just a little marketing bravado for the web, even if it’s true. In reality we’re pretty nice people.)