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Does Your Dental Website Wow?

dental websites that wow

If you were to rate your dental website on a scale of WOW! to WTF? where does your dental practice fall? Obviously if you’re on the lower end of this spectrum, you probably already know it’s time for a new website. I say probably, because I do know some people in my life (who shall […]

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5 Signs You Need A New Dental Website

new dental website

You just don’t understand! You feel like you have the best dental website that your best friend’s brother created for you five years ago. It has such nice colors and a variety of images. Then why aren’t patients trying to reach you about scheduling an appointment? I hate to break it it to you, but […]

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Add authenticity to your dental website

authentic dental patients

Presenting your dental practice in an authentic way is arguably the most important thing you can do for your dental marketing. And since the most important component of your dental marketing is arguably your online presence, it’s easy to see why it is critical to emphasize authenticity on your dental office website. If you have […]

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Cheap Dental Websites: Why A Bargain Isn’t Always Better

cheap dental websites

Creating a dental website [properly] can be a time intensive task for any dentist. So much so, that numerous companies exist selling dental website templates that let you plop in your logo, write up a brief bio, and check a few boxes to indicate which services you offer. Problem solved, right? Mmm, maybe not. Perhaps you […]

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The importance of conversion rate optimization for your dental website

conversion rate optimization

There are certainly a lot of marketing acronyms floating around out there. In a sea of CTAs, ROIs, PPCs, CPCs, and dozens of others, there is one that your dental practice should pay particular attention to if you want to achieve peak performance for your dental website marketing. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be described […]

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