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The importance of conversion rate optimization for your dental website

conversion rate optimization

There are certainly a lot of marketing acronyms floating around out there. In a sea of CTAs, ROIs, PPCs, CPCs, and dozens of others, there is one that your dental practice should pay particular attention to if you want to achieve peak performance for your dental website marketing. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be described […]

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Dental website hosting: how to select the host with the most

dental website hosting

If your dental website is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy, then your dental website hosting has to be equally important. How do you pick the right provider? You probably have no interest in getting all geeked out about technical specifications, but there are definitely some basic considerations you should consider […]

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Dental blogging: 4 things you definitely need to do

dental blogging

Are you making the most of your dental blogging? Dental blogs are great marketing tools for dental websites. The best ones are especially effective at generating new patients because they do four important things. Follow their examples and you can start seeing real results from your blog as well. Engage The content you develop for […]

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5 dental website marketing tips to generate more new patients

dental website marketing

You’ve probably heard the phrase “dental website marketing.” But do you know what that actually means? And why it’s important for your practice? Here’s our definition… Dental website marketing describes all of the marketing efforts that have the specific purpose of driving more visitors to your dental website. OK, makes sense, but why do you […]

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Five Must-Haves for Dental Websites

dental websites

If you’re building a new dental website (or upgrading your old one), it won’t do you much good to create something that looks nice but is unreliable and inefficient. The best dental websites have five important things in common to keep them running smoothly, and they’re things that you probably never even noticed. Hosting you […]

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