Improve Your Dental SEO by Understanding the “Why” Behind Searches

why behind searches

When planning out SEO for your dental website, it’s natural to first think about “what” people will be searching for. But to be truly effective at dental SEO, you also need to ask yourself an additional question — “why” will they be searching for that term? The four types of searches There are an endless […]

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Use Personas to Define Your Dental SEO Strategy

dental patient personas

A comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy has a lot of moving parts, but the most important element is the people who will be conducting the searches. Understanding these people better, by defining personas that accurately describe them, will help you plot out an effective SEO strategy by guiding your content and keyword planning. Personas, […]

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5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Dental SEO (That Have Nothing to Do With Keywords)

dental seo

It seems that SEO and keywords are almost synonymous. And optimizing for online searches is all about finding the right keywords and using them the right way. But there are five other significant ways you can improve your dental SEO without even thinking about what keywords you use. Encourage people to stay for a while […]

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Is Dental SEO Really Important for Your Practice?


You may have some doubt as to whether or not you actually need to be concerned with search engine optimization (SEO) for your dental website. Is it really that important to rank highly in search engine results? Your dental SEO efforts (or lack thereof) can have a greater impact that you realize. You may be […]

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Be A Leader of the Pack: Optimize Your Dental Practice’s Google My Business Profile


If you’ve ever done a Google search for any kind of business near you, you’ve seen the “Google Local Pack,” or box of local businesses best matching your search criteria. Below is an example for dentists near our headquarters. If you recall, those boxes used to show more businesses (usually 5-7). But Google decided to […]

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