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Want Healthier Dental Website SEO? E-A-T Better.

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Even if you’ve done all the “right” things to optimize your dental practice’s website, it still may not be as healthy as it could be. Dental websites fall under Google’s “YMYL” topics (Your Money or Your Life). When it comes to sites that could potentially impact a person’s health or financial well-being, Google wants the […]

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Optimize Your Dental Website Tags for People (Not Search Engines)

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HTML tags (title, header, and description) used to carry a lot of weight in the earlier days of search engine optimization (SEO).  But that was when they were easy to fool. Since then, search engines have become smarter and those tags that used to heavily influence search results no longer do. But that doesn’t mean […]

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Dental Website SEO: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Things That May Be Hurting You


Optimizing your dental website to rank high in the search engines can take a lot of work. After doing keyword research, writing seo copy, optimizing tags, you may think you have it all covered. But there may be some less obvious things dragging your rankings down. If you’re not reaching the top of the search […]

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The Single Most Important SEO Change for Dental Practices to Make in 2020

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Last week I had some serious catching up to do on all the “Most Important SEO Trends for 2020” articles that piled up on my reading list throughout December. So I found a nice, quiet place, popped in my earbuds, hit play on my Spice Girls Greatest Hits playlist (don’t judge) and got down to […]

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Your Dental SEO Sucks and Other Unsolicited Email Hysteria

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Dental marketing has become a highly competitive business, but dental SEO…look out. It’s absolutely cutthroat. When business gets slow, the poachers come out and start offering free, unsolicited advice about how to improve your dental website’s SEO. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The majority of those emails are mass produced, […]

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