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Where to Use Your Positive Dental Patient Reviews

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You may have been advised at one point or another not to toot your own horn, but when it comes to praise from your patients, honk away! Patient reviews and testimonials are the most valuable dental marketing assets you have. Unfortunately, many dental practices go through the effort of collecting them, but never use them […]

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How to Ask for Great Dental Patient Reviews

dental patient reviews - Golden Proportions Marketing

It’s nice when people say nice things about you. The problem is, sometimes they don’t tell you what they think unless you ask. And those nice things (like reviews) can have a huge impact on your dental website SEO. If you have trouble asking for patient reviews, we have some tips to go about doing […]

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Improve the ROI of Your Best Dental Patients

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If you could get 80 percent of your revenue from just 20 percent of your patients, would you take it? If you’re familiar with the Pareto principle (maybe you’ve heard it referred to as the 80/20 rule), you know what I’m talking about. This unique ratio has shown up in just about every aspect of […]

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Dental SEO Problems? Check Your Reviews.

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Dental SEO is a hugely important part of your dental marketing efforts. There are a variety of factors that contribute to your SEO success, but one key element that you should never overlook or underestimate is your office’s online reviews. When was the last time you read a review of a product or company before […]

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DIY Dental Marketing Tips

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So, you’re a DIY dental marketing master huh? You see endless opportunities to use your creative side. You like to take a more hands-on approach in both your professional and personal endeavors. You also enjoy saving a little money when you have the chance and believe me; we get it. You’ve come to the right […]

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