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3 Easy Steps to Get More Dental Patient Referrals

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Dental patient referrals done right Do you know the number one most cost-effective way to generate new patients? Spoiler alert – it’s asking for referrals. You should be asking your patients for referrals every day. I know, it can be hard to get started but, with these three easy steps, you’ll be rolling in referrals […]

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The Best 2018 Dental Marketing Trends for Group Practices

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Top 5 Dental Marketing Trends for 2018 As a group dental practice, you’re faced with unique marketing challenges that single location, sole proprietor practices just don’t have. From managing several locations and juggling the best way to promote all of your doctors, to measuring key practice metrics to ensure you’re hitting all of your goals, […]

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5 Simple Dental Marketing Ideas to Use Today

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What are you doing to attract the right kind of patients to your practice? There’s actually a science behind getting them to fall in love with your practice and become a lifelong patient. Implement these 5 simple dental marketing ideas today and get prime patients tomorrow. It’s quality over quantity. 1. Referrals Consider referrals the […]

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4 Easy Ways To Increase Dental Patient Referrals

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New patients are absolutely never ever a bad thing – especially when they’ve been turned on to the practice by the happy patients who already love you and your talented team. If you’re not using your existing patient base to attract new smiling faces, then you might want try these 4 fast ways to help […]

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Should Your Dental Office Advertise on Yelp?

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Has Yelp been knocking at your door too? Are they confusing you with options for ad-free pages, tracking numbers, pay per click, reporting and more? You’re not alone. I hear dentists asking about Yelp more and more frequently – and yes, the review site that you might use to find the location for your next […]

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