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How to Build a Patient Referral Marketing Flywheel for Your Dental Practice

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When you’re good at dental referral marketing, you can produce a continuous cycle of new dental patients for your practice. When you’re really good at it, you’ll steadily build momentum like a flywheel, generating more and more new patients as it spins faster and faster over time. What are the secrets to building this kind […]

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Improve the ROI of Your Best Dental Patients

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If you could get 80 percent of your revenue from just 20 percent of your patients, would you take it? If you’re familiar with the Pareto principle (maybe you’ve heard it referred to as the 80/20 rule), you know what I’m talking about. This unique ratio has shown up in just about every aspect of […]

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How to Get Great Dental Patient Referrals During Not-So-Great Times

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The middle of a pandemic probably seems like the worst possible time to ask your dental patients for referrals, but there may actually be no better time than the present. Research has always shown the advantages of word-of-mouth promotion. Insights from Nielson indicate that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. In addition, […]

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Want More Professional Dental Referrals? Three Tips For Success

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Ask any general dentist their top five biggest annoyances in the office and you’re likely to get a list that looks something like this: Patients who LOVE to tell you how much they HATE to see you Cell phones. Like for real, is it bionically attached to their hands? Patients who whine about the cost […]

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Dental Marketing Secrets to Success From 3 Successful Dentists

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In our long history of working with dentists, Golden Proportions Marketing has implemented just about every type of dental marketing strategy you can think of. The markets range from major metropolitans like San Francisco to small suburbs like Elbridge, NY. We wanted to take the opportunity to share with you their journey, in their own […]

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