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A Common Sense Approach to Converting New Dental Patient Phone Calls

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In dentistry, opportunity doesn’t come knocking. It picks up the phone. But when you hear that ringing, and a new dental patient might be on the other end, are you prepared? It may seem like a common sense process to schedule a new patient, but most of the time that “simple” procedure gets botched, and […]

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How to Use Drip Emails to Nurture Your New Dental Patient Leads

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Congratulations! Your marketing plan is working and has generated a new patient lead through your dental website. Now what? Most of your leads won’t be ready to schedule their first dental appointment right away. (Marketo says only 50% of leads are ready to make a decision on the spot.) And if you just sit back and […]

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3 Simple Ways To Reduce Cancellations In Your Dental Office

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Cancellations Kill Production Picture this: You received three cancellations yesterday and four for today. Your overworked scheduling coordinator immediately scatters to find the short call patient list to fill the holes in your schedule. She tries everything in her power to fill it but still no luck. You lose money and completely blow your chance […]

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Mobilize Your Dental Internet Marketing Efforts to Find More New Patients

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Americans pick up their phones on average every 12 minutes. That’s nearly 80 times per day. On vacation, that number can reach nearly 300 times a day. Sounds insane, but think about it: we use it to take photos, answer a text, research answers to a question, socialize, and occasionally, talk. Given our intense attachment […]

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Dental PPC: What Should You Expect?

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Have you ever asked your dental internet marketing company for an update on how your Google Ads campaigns are working? Only to be met with… (crickets chirping) Do they send you monthly reports that leave you confused, but you hate to admit that you have no clue what the numbers are saying? It’s time to […]

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