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Attracting ideal dental patients made simple

ideal dental patients

If you asked dentists to define what an “ideal” patient is, some would probably simplify it as “someone who shows up for appointments, accepts treatment plans, and pays their bills.” Yes, those are all important, but it goes deeper than that. You want to attract patients who you enjoy treating and who will be loyal […]

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Useful tips to reactivate dental patients

dental patient reactivation

Losing valued dental patients can be hurtful to your bottom line, not to mention to your self-esteem as a dentist. Getting patients back is far more cost effective than trying to generate new patients to replace them. If you follow these tips to reactivate dental patients, you should see your attrition drop and production remain […]

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Use email marketing for dental patient retention

dental email marketing

You know that marketing, when done effectively, is your primary tool for attracting new dental patients to your office. But marketing is equally important for keeping those new patients (or at least most of them) coming back. Sure, providing good customer service is the foundation for long-term patient relationships, but it’s not always enough. That’s […]

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Use dental patient surveys to find out why you’re losing patients

dental patient survey

Getting new patients is a challenge. But so is keeping them. On average, dental practices are successful at retaining new dental patients less than half the time. According to information published by the Journal of the American Dental Association (ADA), the typical general dentist keeps only 41 percent of new patients beyond their first appointment. […]

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To increase dental lead generation, turn to your current patients

happy dental patient

There are a lot of really effective ways to generate new patient leads for your dental practice. Pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization, and other forms of digital advertising are probably the first things you think of. But you’re missing out if you’re not taking advantage of one of the best forms of dental lead generation […]

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