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The 6 Most Important Elements of Your Dental Brand Identity

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There is no question that a strong dental logo is important to the success of your business. Paul Rand, the legendary designer of corporate logos for UPS, IBM, and ABC, stated that “design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” Rand was referring to a brand’s visual identity, which comprises several elements that work together […]

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Making your dental practice “brand” new

dental practice branding

Having an established brand for your dental practice is imperative to reach your full potential. The right branding is the key to attracting and retaining your ideal patients and the foundation for all of your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, having a brand image doesn’t necessarily mean you have the RIGHT dental practice brand image. Fixing your […]

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Why a dental tagline is important for your brand

dental taglines

You have all of the elements of your dental practice’s brand identity shored up. Colors. Fonts. Voice. Images. And, of course, your dental logo. But wait! What about a dental tagline? Maybe you think you don’t really need one. Or there isn’t one that really fits your office. Or maybe you don’t even know what […]

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Do you have authentic dental branding? The reviews are in.

authentic dental branding

The brand image for your dental practice is the foundation for all of your dental marketing. It’s what creates the first impression people have about you before they even step foot in your office. But what about after they visit you? Does the reality of who you are meet the expectations they had? If not, […]

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Dental SEO and DIY Websites: 4 Things You Need to Know

dental websites

Your dental website is one of the biggest dental marketing opportunities you’ve got to impress and share your brand with potential and existing patients. But without smart dental SEO marketing, nobody will be able to find it, which means you’ll lose out on new patients. We thought it might be a good idea to share […]

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