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How to Find Creative Dental Marketing Ideas for Your Office

looking for creative dental marketing ideas

Do you ever look at your own marketing for your dental office and think it’s a little boring? Do you wish you could come up with something more creative? Maybe creativity doesn’t come naturally to you. That’s okay. Finding inspiration for creative dental marketing ideas for your office doesn’t have to be hard. You just […]

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Should You Add Online Patient Scheduling to Your Dental Website?

dental appointment scheduling

Keeping your appointment schedule filled has long been synonymous with ringing telephones. But these days, less ringing isn’t necessarily a bad thing… if you offer online patient scheduling on your dental website. Why should you add online scheduling? It can get you more new patients (and help keep your current ones). If you’re thinking that […]

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Be A Leader of the Pack: Optimize Your Dental Practice’s Google My Business Profile


If you’ve ever done a Google search for any kind of business near you, you’ve seen the “Google Local Pack,” or box of local businesses best matching your search criteria. Below is an example for dentists near our headquarters. If you recall, those boxes used to show more businesses (usually 5-7). But Google decided to […]

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Put Your Dental Office On The Map(s)

bing search

Your dental office is undoubtedly listed on Google My Business and showing up on their maps to improve your local SEO. But what about Bing’s local maps? You’re probably thinking Bing doesn’t really matter to local SEO, at least not compared to Google. Yes, it’s true that more than 90 percent of online searches are […]

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Better Together: Using Email to Grow Your Dental Blog (and Vice Versa)

dental blog and email

Individually, blogging and emailing are both great ways to promote your dental practice. But combined, there hasn’t been a better combination since peanut butter and jelly. Find out how you can use your email lists to strengthen your dental blog, and vice versa. Use your email lists to build your blog The easiest and cheapest […]

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