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Call Tracking For Dentists: Tracking Numbers Do’s & Don’ts

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Call Conversion Metrics to Grow Your Practice It seems simple. Answer the phone. Help the caller. Schedule the appointment. And yet the majority of dental offices perform poorly on new patient call conversion. Tracking the call conversion of your dental team is vital if you want to maximize the return on investment of your dental […]

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Dental Call Tracking: Does Your Practice Need it?

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The primary objective of your digital marketing strategy is to bring in new patients. But for that to happen, your phone has to ring. And while a ringing phone is good news for a dental practice, if you don’t know what marketing sources are generating the phone calls, how are you able to determine what’s […]

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How to Get More New Patients From Your Dental Marketing

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When dental practices need more new patients, they often turn to dental marketing experts to help make the phone ring. The truth is, getting the phone to ring is only the beginning of the new patient’s journey.  While many marketing companies track conversion in terms of clicks and calls to determine if their marketing is […]

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Does Your Dental PPC Result In Wrong Number Calls?

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Online marketing for dentists is a highly popular new patient strategy these days. If you’re engaging in Google Ads or SEO, you’re going to run into a lot of people searching from their phone. Which, in turn, dramatically increases your chances for wrong number calls due to “Fat Finger Disease” (it’s a legit medical condition, […]

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Not Enough New Dental Patients? Listen In On Your Calls.

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You’ve invested money into marketing your practice and have created a memorable dental brand, but new dental patients just aren’t on your schedule. You hear the phone ringing throughout the day, yet rarely see new faces enter the office. Where on earth are my new patients? The problem isn’t your reputation or your skills as […]

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