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Save Money by Choosing the Best Call Tracking Software for Your Dental Office

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“How did you hear about our office?” As surprising as it may be in today’s digital world, many dental practices still consider that to be “tracking” their advertising. (As a marketer, just hearing that question makes me cringe more than the sound of fingernails screeching across a chalkboard.) Obviously, those dentists are barely scratching the […]

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Dental Call Tracking: The Hidden Cost of Missing a New Patient Call

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The phone rings. A patient is checking out at the front desk, one just walked in the front door, and hygiene is walking another patient up to checkout. What happens? Obviously, the phone call goes unanswered. You’re not an octopus with 8 arms to do everything needed all at once, after all. And besides, they’ll […]

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Improve Your Phone Conversion Rate with Call Tracking For Dentists

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The industry standard phone conversion metric for dentists is 30%-50%. That means for every 100 people who call your private dental practice, 30-50 of them are scheduled for an appointment by the end of the phone call. That number may sound acceptable, but most dental practices fall below that conversion rate. Your phones are the […]

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3 Simple Ways To Reduce Cancellations In Your Dental Office

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Cancellations Kill Production Picture this: You received three cancellations yesterday and four for today. Your scheduling coordinator immediately scatters to find the short call patient list to fill the holes in your schedule. She tries everything in her power to fill it but still no luck. You lose money and completely blow your chance to […]

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Call Tracking For Dentists: Tracking Numbers Dos & Don’ts

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Call Conversion Metrics to Grow Your Practice It seems simple. Answer the phone. Help the caller. Schedule the appointment. And yet the majority of dental offices perform poorly on new patient call conversion. Tracking the call conversion of your dental team is vital if you want to maximize the return on investment of your dental […]

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