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Mobilize Your Dental Internet Marketing Efforts to Find More New Patients

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Americans pick up their phones on average every 12 minutes. That’s nearly 80 times per day. On vacation, that number can reach nearly 300 times a day. Sounds insane, but think about it: we use it to take photos, answer a text, research answers to a question, socialize, and occasionally, talk. Given our intense attachment […]

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Google Display Ads for Dentists: 3 Tips to Make Them Worth Your Time (And Money)

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It was a cold, blustery March, and I needed a vacation – bad. After searching Travelocity and Expedia for sun and sand, I started to notice something. Google Display Ads for Turks and Caicos magically appeared when I opened the Weather app. So did ads for sunglasses when I opened the New York Times online. […]

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Dental PPC: Use it to Grow Your Practice

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How do new patients use Google to find a dentist? Think about it. Anytime someone has a question, and no one can provide an immediate answer, what happens? Out come the phones, and someone chimes in with the obvious suggestion, ‘Google it.’ Dental ppc is the perfect way to take advantage of that highly predictable […]

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How Dentists Can Use Google Ads to Dominate Google Maps

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If you’re a dentist who wants more patients (and who doesn’t?) you know you have to get your dental website to rank high on Google Maps. After all, the top 3 Google Maps listings get 44% of the clicks, the largest portion of all page one results. If there are a dozen or more offices […]

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Are Facebook Ads for Dentists Worth It? In One Word, Yes.

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On a cell phone, the average person checks Facebook nearly 14 times a day. You read that right – FOURTEEN times a day. Good lord, how do we get any work done? But society’s addiction to social media has a serious upside: you get an “always-on” audience, just waiting to view your ads. Facebook ads […]

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