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Learn the Latest in Dental Marketing

Want to learn how to improve your practice’s dental marketing results? Of course you do! Our video series offers short, fun bites of information that you can quickly implement to help grow your practice. Our videos cover everything from how to create a dental marketing plan and dental SEO techniques, to social media planning and how to measure your dental marketing ROI. And, in every video you’ll find a helpful resource document to support what you just learned.

Expert videos from expert marketers

In our video series, you’ll hear tips and tricks directly from the experts themselves. They live in the trenches of dental marketing and are the best people to tell you what’s smart, what’s a waste of your money, and what’s complete bollocks. Want to know more about something we haven’t covered? Email our team at info@goldenproportions.com and submit your question. We’ll make sure to cover it in an upcoming video!

Top Dental Marketing Trends for 2019

January 23, 2019
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If you don’t know the dental marketing trends for 2019, you could be missing out on big way you can drive new patients to your practice. In this video, Alison is going to reveal some of the biggest trends we see on the horizon as we dive head first into… Read More…

4 Tips For Hiring a Dental SEO Company

January 23, 2019
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Does your dental SEO company do these four things? Let Danny, Director of Web Services at GPM, show you what a good dental SEO company should be doing to ensure customers like you are getting the right kind of help and the dental SEO results you want. Danny will show… Read More…

How Important Are Dental Practice Reviews For New Patients?

January 23, 2019
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Does your reputation precede you? You should take note at what Jackie has to say about the importance of reputation management as a vital part of your dental SEO. She’ll explain: 1) The importance of having a user-friendly dental website and a healthy amount of positive reviews where potential patients… Read More…

Creating Your 2019 Dental Marketing Plan

December 27, 2018
2019 Dental Marketing Plan black and white image

If we asked you what the three biggest reasons are for having a dental marketing plan in place for your business could you tell us? It’s OK if you can’t, but it’s even better if you watch this video where Alison explains why, like any good business, having a dental… Read More…

Dental Marketing Personas: How to Create and Use Them

December 14, 2018
dental marketing personas black and white

Marketing professionals everywhere use personas to target prospective customers. In fact, businesses that use personas in their marketing exceed their revenue goals 80% of the time! If you want to improve the impact of your dental marketing, watch our video on personas or read our dental marketing blog. TRANSCRIPTIONS Xaña:… Read More…

3 Digital Dental Marketing Assets You Must Protect

December 5, 2018
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Are you able to get into your dental website? What about your Google My Business listing so you can respond to a negative dental patient review? If you don’t have these vital digital dental marketing assets in your hands, you’ve lost control of your online presence. You might as well… Read More…

Dental Websites and Online Scheduling Applications

December 5, 2018
calendar for appointments

So why don’t you use online scheduling as part of your effective dental website marketing? Go ahead, think of a reason. But then you might want to press play and check out this week’s Wednesday Wisdom courtesy of Danny, head of our expert web team. It’s an important part of… Read More…

Digital Marketing for Dentists: Contact Form Best Practices

December 5, 2018
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If you’re not taking advantage of this often overlooked digital dental marketing tactic, you’re missing out on more than you know. In this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Jake breaks down the digital dental marketing dilemma of responding to patients or consumers who take the time to reach out to you via… Read More…

DIY Dental Marketing Tips & Tricks

December 5, 2018
two people reviewing a dental marketing document

What’s one dental marketing tactic you do in-house? Can’t name one? There are at least four things you should be doing. Press play and watch this week’s Wednesday Wisdom courtesy of Alison. She’s going to tell you, whether you partnered with a marketing agency like GPM or not, the truth… Read More…

Do You Know the 6 Stages of the Dental Marketing Funnel?

December 5, 2018
budgeting in funnel format

Think dental marketing is just about new patients? Think again. There’s something call the marketing funnel, and your competition knows all about it. Do you? Take a trip with Bess and learn why every stage of the funnel is essential to your dental marketing success. You’ll want to watch the… Read More…