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Learn the Latest in Dental Marketing

Want to learn how to improve your practice’s dental marketing results? Of course you do! Our video series offers short, fun bites of information that you can quickly implement to help grow your practice. Our videos cover everything from how to create a dental marketing plan and dental SEO techniques, to social media planning and how to measure your dental marketing ROI. And, in every video you’ll find a helpful resource document to support what you just learned.

Expert videos from expert marketers

In our video series, you’ll hear tips and tricks directly from the experts themselves. They live in the trenches of dental marketing and are the best people to tell you what’s smart, what’s a waste of your money, and what’s complete bollocks. Want to know more about something we haven’t covered? Email our team at info@goldenproportions.com and submit your question. We’ll make sure to cover it in an upcoming video!

What Data Can I See on My Dental Facebook Page

August 12, 2019
FB data cover

If your dental office is utilizing Facebook for things like posting, creating events, or running boosted posts and paid ads, you’ll want to know how those tactics are doing. There are metrics behind the scenes on your Facebook Business page – you just have to know where to look, AND… Read More…

Targeting Your Dental Marketing on the Big Four Social Platforms

August 8, 2019
big four

So you’re all about social media for dentists, but do you know if your posts are going to right platform so they reach the right audience? If you’re slapping your dental marketing content on every social media account, you could be doing it all wrong. We’ve got all the tips… Read More…

Should Your Dental Practice Run Boosted Facebook Posts or Facebook Ads?

August 5, 2019

If we asked you when you should boost a Facebook post versus running a Facebook ad on your dental internet marketing, would you know the right answer? In just under two minutes, our web expert Jeff is going to show you three solid, clear examples of when it’s a good… Read More…

How to Make Your Dental Marketing More Mobile-Friendly

June 27, 2019
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Want to know how to increase your new patient numbers? It starts with learning how to make your dental internet marketing to new patients and your existing patients more mobile-friendly. Why? Because over half of all online searches occur on a mobile device. In this short video, Ashley will break… Read More…

3 Ways to Tell If Your Dental SEO Sucks

June 27, 2019
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Do you know if your dental SEO sucks? If it does, you could be wasting precious time and money on something that’s never going to get your phone to ring with new patients. In this short video, Xana breaks down three tips you can use to test your current dental… Read More…

Your Dental Practice Should Be on Instagram

June 17, 2019
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Yes, Instagram is a good idea for your dental office. No, you don’t have to recreate the wheel to post content that gets the attention of potential patients. You should watch our expert social media strategist, Janaya, and her super short video packed with the tips you need to know… Read More…

Google Display Ads for Dentists – Dental Marketing’s Least Expensive Tools

June 17, 2019
display ads screenshot

Google display ads for dentists are your secret tool for attracting new patients. Do you use them? Do you know how to maximize and make the most of every click? There are so many benefits to using dental Google display ads to grow your practice and help you stand out… Read More…

How to Get Your Dental Office to the Top of Google Maps

June 3, 2019
move to the top of google maps

Is your dental office at the top of Google Maps? Do you know why it should be? Press play and learn how you can get your office in front of the eyes of even more potential patients who are checking out dentists online. Getting to the top of Google Maps… Read More…

Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads For Dentists Get Denied

May 13, 2019
why do facebook ads get denied

There are five critical reasons Facebook ads for dentists get denied that you need to know about to avoid headaches and hassle in the future. (If you’ve been rejected by Facebook in the past, you’re not alone.) Press play and watch Xaña give you everything you need to know about… Read More…

Does Every Dentist Need Google Ads?

May 3, 2019

Google runs the world. What does this mean for dentists and Google ads? You’ll have to watch this video to find out. Let Xaña Winans explain why all dentists at least need to know about Google’s hold over the online world, and all things search related. Because let’s face it… Read More…