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Learn the Latest in Dental Marketing

Want to learn how to improve your practice’s dental marketing results? Of course you do! Our video series offers short, fun bites of information that you can quickly implement to help grow your practice. Our videos cover everything from how to create a dental marketing plan and dental SEO techniques, to social media planning and how to measure your dental marketing ROI. And, in every video you’ll find a helpful resource document to support what you just learned.

Expert videos from expert marketers

In our video series, you’ll hear tips and tricks directly from the experts themselves. They live in the trenches of dental marketing and are the best people to tell you what’s smart, what’s a waste of your money, and what’s complete bollocks. Want to know more about something we haven’t covered? Email our team at info@goldenproportions.com and submit your question. We’ll make sure to cover it in an upcoming video!

The Do’s, the Don’ts, and the Maybe’s of Using Facebook to Promote Your Dental Office

July 15, 2020

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform used by dental offices to promote their practices. But are you making the most of it? In this video from Xaña Winans, who runs one of the most experienced dental marketing agencies in the country, Xaña will explain some of… Read More…

Get More Dental Patient Engagement on Instagram

July 15, 2020

37% of American adults use Instagram. While that may not come close to Facebook at 69%, Instagram does generate 10 times more engagement per post than Facebook does. That’s huge. Throw in the fact that it’s free dental marketing, and it certainly becomes worth adding Instagram to your social media… Read More…

‘R’ You Tired of Patient Cancellations?

July 15, 2020

Tired of getting same-day patient cancellations and last-minute requests to reschedule dental appointments? In this video from Xaña Winans, who runs one of the most experienced dental marketing agencies in the country, Xaña will share some tips and tricks to prevent last minute dental appointment cancellations. Want to dig deeper… Read More…

Do Patients Find Your Lead Magnets Attractive?

July 15, 2020

Offering something of value, often referred to as a lead magnet, can be a great way to generate new leads for your practice. To receive the free offer, the person has to be willing to provide their contact information, which also implies their consent to receive future communications from you…. Read More…

Are you spending too much on your dental marketing budget?

June 4, 2020
dental marketing budget

Deciding how much you should budget for your dental marketing can be confusing. But maybe you should be looking at it as an investment and not an expense. If you’re a bit unsure about whether or not you’re spending the right amount to market your dental office, take a few… Read More…

Honestly, You Really Need to Know These 6 Dental Marketing Metrics to Control Your Costs

June 4, 2020
dental marketing metrics

Getting honest feedback from your dental marketing metrics doesn’t have to be complicated. There are literally hundreds of various metrics you can track for marketing. If you want to know which ones will give you an accurate measurement of your dental office marketing performance, watch this video from Xaña Winans,… Read More…

Balance Your Marketing Triangle

June 4, 2020

Want to learn how to manage your marketing priorities to get results that are high quality and affordable without feeling the pain of an extended timeline? The unattainable triangle says that for any promotional effort, you can get it good… or fast… or cheap. But, realistically, you can only get… Read More…

Stop Wasting Your Money on These Dental Marketing Mistakes

June 4, 2020
wasting money dental marketing

Are you wasting your marketing budget? Find out if you’re making any of the five most common mistakes that cause dentists to waste their marketing dollars.  Watch as Xaña Winans, who runs one of the most experienced dental marketing agencies in the country, shares the five most common mistakes that… Read More…

Two Ways to Start Your Own In-house Dental Membership Plan

February 28, 2020
Xana speaking

Do you know what the benefits are of bringing an in-house dental membership program to your patients? If you’re unsure or looking for some inspiration, press play and listen to what Xaña has to say. (She knows her stuff when it comes to marketing and dentistry as the owner and… Read More…

Dental SEO: Dead or Alive in 2020?

February 21, 2020

Do you really know about dental SEO? Sure, it’s easy to say you “get it,” but do you really know what it takes to see dental SEO success in 2020? You’ll know a lot more once you watch this short video featuring Golden Proportions Marketing owner and CEO, Xaña Winans…. Read More…

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