Let’s Face It, Your Dental Office’s Facebook Ads Could Be Better

Let’s Face It, Your Dental Office’s Facebook Ads Could Be Better

Facebook ads are a great form of social media marketing for dentists. But are you getting the results you were looking for?

Whether you used our free ROI calculator or just had a nagging feeling that your Facebook ads aren’t as effective as they could be, we have some tips and tricks to improve your dental marketing ROI and get you more value for your dental marketing dollar.

Stop them in their tracks

First, you need to get them to stop, or at least slow down enough, to actually look at your ad.


Your headline only needs to do two things — grab people’s attention and make them want to read more. (If you can convince them to click with just your headline, your calling may be marketing, not dentistry.) If you want some headline “tricks,” try these:

  • Keep your headlines short (5 words seems to be the magic number)
  • Use numbers (“10 Ways to Whiten Faster”)
  • Include emotional words (e.g., attractive, valuable, confident)
  • Refer to the reader (“You Need to Get This”)
  • Be negative (“Worst Food for Your Teeth”)


Images are even better than headlines for getting attention, but they have to be good. Choose something that is bright and eye-catching. Since they’ll be looking at your image, that’s also a great place to include some text to let them know why they should be paying attention to your ad.

Keep them interested

Second, once you have their attention, you need to hang on to it long enough to get your message across.

Keep it simple

Throwing around technical jargon will lose your audience in a hurry. Also, unless you’re running a brand awareness campaign for your dental office, you don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about why your practice is so great. Focus instead on why your dental ad’s offer is so great so you can convert them into a lead. Once you have their contact information, then you can work on telling them more about you and your team.

Get to the point

Facebook readers have a short attention span, especially on mobile. Get to your point quickly and keep your copy as short as possible (but still make sure you say everything you need to say). If you’re prioritizing your content and putting the most important information first, take a moment to consider if the fluff you have at the end is even worth including or if it can be trimmed. Remember, the purpose of your ad is to get them to click. Anything that doesn’t move them toward that goal is probably expendable.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Finally, if you’ve made your point, you have to get that prospective patient to take action.

Give them what they want

To generate new patient leads, you need to offer something of value to get users to supply their contact information in return. People can be reluctant to hand that over, so your offer better be something they really want. For some great ideas, check out our Promotional Offer Idea Guide.

Create some urgency

Procrastination can kill your conversion rates, so make people feel some urgency to respond to your offer. Limiting the amount of time or the quantity of giveaways can help create FOMO (fear of missing out) and convince your audience to click now so the opportunity doesn’t pass them by.

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