5 Amazing Tricks to Get Better Results From Your Dental Internet Marketing

5 Amazing Tricks to Get Better Results From Your Dental Internet Marketing

Dental PPC is part art, and part science. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also mix in a little marketing magic to get even better results.

Here are a few tricks you can keep up your sleeve to get more new patients for your dental practice.

Word up

Your copy text will make or break your dental ppc ad. Be concise and make sure your ad is easily readable. Use font weights, bold type and line breaks to create a flow that is easy to follow and not a chore to read.

Keep it moving, people

In case you haven’t heard, moving pictures are better than still pictures when it comes to grabbing attention and promoting your dental office. Hubspot research showed that 68% of people prefer to learn about new products and services through video, so give them what they want. Use videos that are high in quality and short in length. Videos 15 seconds long have been shown to be more effective than 30 second clips for recall and retention.

About face

Whether you use pictures or video, try to use people (or at least their faces) since people prefer these types of ads to others. Using faces can be almost too effective in grabbing attention, causing people to skip over your headline. When possible, add text to your image so people can’t miss it. (Facebook just recently dropped its “20 percent” restriction on text within images, so don’t be worried about the ad for your dental practice being rejected.)

Don’t be colorbland

There’s no such thing as a black and white ad rate for dental PPC marketing, so make the most of your color choices. But don’t be random about the colors you choose. Consider your brand, design principles, and the psychological associations with the colors you select. Color theory is a deep topic, but you can get a quick primer from CoSchedule.

Psych them out

Psychology is an advertiser’s (not-so) secret weapon for persuading people to take action. Here are a few approaches you can try. 

Loss aversion: FOMO (fear of missing out) can be a powerful motivator. Use limited-time or limited-quantity offers to get people to act now.

Reciprocity: For your giveaways, make sure you are giving something valuable enough for them to think it is worth supplying their contact information in return.

Instant gratification: Make it quick and easy for people to get something they want. Minimize the number of steps they need to take and keep submission forms simple.

Commitment and consistency: Get your targeted audience to commit to something small, then lead up to a bigger commitment.

Social proof: Use other people to support your claims. Testimonials and reviews are great for this.

Tell them what to do

You may think that people don’t like being told what to do, but when it comes to taking action on an ad, they really do. Be obvious with your call to action (CTA) and tell them exactly why they should click the button or pick up a phone to call your dental office.

How well are your digital ads performing?

Is your dental PPC performing as well as they should be? If you want to find out, use our free Dental Marketing ROI Calculator today to see if you can improve and bring in more new patients for less money.

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