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How to Present Treatment Plans to Your New Dental Patients

Your first appointment with your new dental patient is going well. They seem to like your team. They’re impressed with your office. And you really seemed to hit it off when they sat in the chair. Then, comes the moment of truth — presenting the treatment plan. Although new patients will hope to get in […]

How to Make Your New Dental Patient’s First Appointment a Great One

You only get one shot at making a great first impression. And that’s certainly true when a new dental patient visits your office for their first appointment. If all goes well, you may have a loyal patient for life. But if you do anything that makes the patient feel undervalued, it’s not likely they’ll return. […]

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting for: How to Answer the New Dental Patient Phone Call

If you’re like most other successful dental practices, you invest a lot of time and money to attract new dental patients. If your marketing is doing its job, that will lead to new patients calling your office to learn more about your practice or, better yet, schedule appointments. But are you ready? Getting that first […]

How to Set the Right Expectations for Your New Dental Patients

New dental patient expectations are set earlier than you think It used to be that the new dental patient experience started with the first call to the office. That has changed. Even though the initial phone call is the first two-way communication between the new patient and the dental office, the expectations for that conversation […]

Why You Should Add Online Chat to Your Dental Website

You’ve probably seen website chats on just about every e-commerce site you visit, and with good reason. They’re a great tool for generating new business, and they can do the same to help your dental website convert leads into new patients. Without a chat feature on your website, your patients are probably contacting you by […]