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7 Insider Tips to Boost Dental Website Conversion

You want to get lots of traffic to your dental website, and you aren’t alone in that. But getting website views isn’t always what’s important. In fact, those numbers mean nothing if your website doesn’t convert those visitors into contacts or patients. Whether you want to increase new patient calls, generate more contacts for your […]

Dental Marketing Plans Made Easy: 4 Steps You Need to Know

To restore a patient to health, first, you have to get them into your chair. And to get them into your dental office, you need a plan. We see a comprehensive dental marketing plan much like a new patient exam in your practice. New patients are counting on you to diagnose any problems, take away […]

How Does Google’s New Policy Affect Your Dental Patient Reviews?

Find out how google’s latest update impacts your dental patient reviews this time… We know that in the world of technology things are always changing. And nobody seems to change more than Google. This is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon, so all we can do is stay on our toes and adjust […]

How Adwords and Direct Mail Doubled My New Dental Patients

Meet the March’s! I was first introduced to Dr. Peter March in late 2015. At that time, Dr. March was the sole practitioner in a fee-for-service dental office in a small town in Illinois. But things were about to change. His son was in his final year of dental school and was set to join […]

The Best 2018 Dental Marketing Trends for Group Practices

Top 5 Dental Marketing Trends for 2018 As a group dental practice, you’re faced with unique marketing challenges that single location, sole proprietor practices just don’t have. From managing several locations and juggling the best way to promote all of your doctors, to measuring key practice metrics to ensure you’re hitting all of your goals, […]