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Why Your Practice Needs Dental Patient Reviews

When last we spoke, we determined that every dentist wants reviews from their patients (and I told you how to get them). We also know that a bad one can ruin your day. Nobody wants a rotten review on their wall. Generally speaking, everybody wants (good) reviews. So let’s take a step back and figure […]

Want More Dental Reviews? Avoid Feedback Fatigue.

Reviews are literally everywhere If you’re like me, you make frequent purchases from Amazon and other online marketplaces.  After every transaction, without fail, a survey (or two or three) pops up in my mailbox asking me for my feedback on the item. Did it fit?  Was the color accurate? Next up, you need to consider […]

6 Simple New Patient Strategies for Dentists

Your new dental patients are just waiting to hear from you Use these six dental marketing strategies to attract new patients to your practice and end the year with measurable results and profitability. 1. Use it or lose it – annual dental benefits reminders October marks the beginning of the end of the year (the […]

Don’t Let Rogue Google Listings Hurt Your Dental SEO

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your attention to other things, someone calls you out of the blue and says your hours are wrong on your Google My Business page. “How can that be? I just checked that!” Sure enough, you find another listing for your practice or for an individual doctor […]

7 Steps to Turn Dental Postcards Into Phone Calls

7 ways to get your phones ringing with dental postcards Postcards can feel like a hit or miss proposition for many dentists, and they struggle to understand what the secret sauce is. We are naturally drawn to something that is attractive to the eye, and that can easily overpower some of the most important factors […]