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It’s no secret that happy people make the best employees

Happy team members are easy to spot in your office. You see it in the work they do, in the care they give to their patients, and in how they treat one another.

It’s no different at our dental advertising company. Everyone on the GPM team plays an intricate role in your success. So to add balance to our busy schedules, we block time here and there for something fun that’s always good for a few laughs and often some friendly competition. It makes for a pretty awesome place where we’re all rather proud of the work we do.

With a team as connected as ours, it’s inevitable that we dress alike some days. It happens with such regularity we started snapping photos to capture all the look alike moments.

Unintentional Twinning
September 5, 2017
Design team at GPM

When your boss loves roller coasters, guess where the summer picnic takes place? Why Knoebels of course, home to the Phoenix and the Twister, two of the best wooden coasters on the East Coast. Add in our annual laser tag battle, the Haunted House, and a soaking ride on the... Read More...

Knoebel’s 2017
August 19, 2017
GPM Team photo at knoebels

No one can resist the siren’s song of the ice cream truck, regardless of their age. Every year we schedule a stop at GPM headquarters for a sweet, cool break on a hot, hot day. Barley had his first ice cream this year, and boy does that puppy look happy.

2017 Ice Cream Truck
August 7, 2017
gpm ice cream day

There MUST be something in the water, because babies are popping up all over at GPM. It has to be thanks to our family-friendly hours and our work-life balance, because really, what’s more important than family?

Baby Showers & Announcements
May 1, 2017

We take egg hunt bragging rights very seriously here. In addition to the actual dash for cash, egg hunts include “win it in a minute” style games, extra time off, and of course, Easter candy.

Easter Egg Hunt 2017
April 5, 2017
easter eggs filled with cash

Years in the making, the whole team put its effort and support into the launch of Smart Market Dental, a world-class marketing tracking program that we built from the ground up. Those who could not attend the Chicago Mid-Winter launch sent their love and support from home.

Smart Market Launch
February 23, 2017
smart market dental premiere

With half of the US in a bona fide heat wave, what better way to cool off than a visit from the Ice Cream Truck? Twists, sprinkles, caramel, and cherries make for a perfect afternoon treat.

Ice Cream Truck 2016
July 20, 2016
GPM team ice cream day

None of us really like to celebrate our birthdays per se, but there is one bright spot. Birthdays = Food! GPM loves to eat! So whatever the excuse, birthdays, special occasions, it’s Wednesday – when we get a chance to get together and chow down, we take it!

January 5, 2016
gpm food

For Dawn’s birthday we not only celebrated with a fantastic lunch, but also a fun adventure through a corn maze. Of course, knowing us, we had to turn it into a competition! Dawn’s team was the first team to complete it. Bragging rights for the birthday girl!

Corn Maze
October 27, 2015
gpm corn maze day

Our 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Lunch! We let our Facebook Fans vote and Rebecca was the winner! Take a peek at the carving photos and be thankful you weren’t on the receiving end of our pumpkin chucking competition!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving
September 13, 2015
deranged pumpkin
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