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It’s no secret that happy people make the best employees

Happy team members are easy to spot in your office. You see it in the work they do, in the care they give to their patients, and in how they treat one another.

It’s no different at our dental advertising company. Everyone on the GPM team plays an intricate role in your success. So to add balance to our busy schedules, we block time here and there for something fun that’s always good for a few laughs and often some friendly competition. It makes for a pretty awesome place where we’re all rather proud of the work we do.

88 degrees in July, all while working in an 1800’s era restored farmhouse with no central air? I think we’re gonna need a visit from the ice cream truck. Consider it done.

2018 Ice Cream Truck
July 10, 2018
Jeff Sebasovich

Our team loves to learn, and that means courses, seminars, and training from the experts. The cost of travel to all these fabulous places? Re-teach it to the team so we can soak up your new brilliance.

2018 Training
June 27, 2018
dental marketing continuing education

Your team might do a potluck, but for our boss’s birthday we went bowling. Armed with pizza, bowling balls and rented shoes we turned strikes and gutter balls into team bonding gold.

Ballin’ The GPM Way
June 20, 2018
GPM team bowling

The team was on a healthy eating streak, and as part of our company wide wellness program they decided to grow a garden one pot at a time. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions and even potatoes were planted, watered and will soon be eaten at a team lunch.

GPM Garden
June 1, 2018
planting vegetables

Our team sets lofty goals, so it only seems appropriate to celebrate in style when we hit those goals out of the park (again and again and again). We capped off another record year with a day trip to Philly, complete with competitive escape rooms, shopping at the King of... Read More...

Philadelphia Day Trip 2018
February 9, 2018
GPM team KOP trip

Aero is the very last thing from subtle when the team is trying to eat their lunch in peace. If he could speak we are positive he would say “Don’t you love me??? Please, please drop something. Anything. I’m begging you.”

In-House Food Critic : Aero
January 14, 2018
dental marketing mascot Aero

When it comes to digital marketing, if you’re not keeping up then you’re definitely falling behind. Not so for the GPM crew. Our team regularly attends conferences and trade shows to stay ahead of the latest digital and dental marketing trends.

2017 Trainings
December 31, 2017
GPM trade show

Our holiday parties are legendary and this year was no exception. Open bar + secret Santa + time with our favorite people = a very memorable (well, for some of us anyway) evening.

2017 Holiday Party
December 8, 2017
GPM Christmas Party 2017

We recognize all the important milestones at GPM, whether someone is celebrating 1, 5, 10 or 15 years on the team. Frankly, it’s not that unusual for team members to become lifers and swear we’ll have to retire them one day. We are just that cool to hang with.

Cheers To Many Years
November 12, 2017
Jen's 10th anniversary lunch

It’s your birthday, what do you want to do? Play pool and giant games of Connect 4? No problem, let’s go to Ric’s. Our team knows how to have fun, even over a quick birthday lunch.

Lunch at Ric’s
October 25, 2017
gpm team playing pool
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