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The accolades

We don’t do it for the shiny plaques, the praise, or even the crowd adoring parades through town. We do it because you deserve award winning work to show off your talents. Year after year, the American Design Association and the Healthcare Marketing Awards agree. Damn you’re good.


This annual competition recognizes the best and the brightest in all aspects of healthcare marketing. That means our work is competing against major-budget hospital and pharmaceutical marketing as well as medical and dental practice marketing. So frankly, we’re rather proud of all these pretty awards we’ve collected.

Dr. Peter March | Brochure
Dr. Will Burghardt | Referral Series
AACD | Magazine Ad
Dr. Vincent Monticciolo | Billboard
Dr. Vannah Nantz | Logo
Smilebuilderz | Brochure
Dr. Mike Burnham | Logo
Smilebuilderz | Television Commercial Series
Dr. Gesica Horn | Serene Oaks Dental Brochure


Dr. Gesica Horn | Ad Series
Midtown Dental | Brochure
Dr. Beth Snyder | Mini Magazine
Dr. Brian Smith | Television Commercial
Dr. Raymond Hahn | Ad Series
Dr. James Chaffin | Magazine Ad Series
Dr. Richard Crosby | Brochure


Grand Dental | Television Commercial
Dr. Jeffrey Weller | Magazine Ad Series
Dr. Olivier Broutin | Billboard
Dr. Flavin | Healthy Smiles of St. Louis Brochure
Olitsky Smiles | Logo and Letterhead
Dr. Jeffrey Jarvis | Direct Mail Postcard Series


Grand Dental | Website
Arch Orthodontics | Brochure
Hopkins Family Dental | Display Ads
Drs. Kiger and Martin | Brochure
AACD | Membership Ad
Dr. Timothy Tomase | Brochure
Dr. James Telloian | Logo and Letterhead
Northcutt Dental | Television Commercial
Dr. Bill Mulliken | Mill Creek Dentistry Brochure
Drs. Karahadian | Television Commercial
Dr. Angelopulos | Television Commercial
Great Neck Dental | Outdoor Billboard Series
Dr. Christopher Keldsen | Brochure
Dr. Kole Miller | Brochure
Dr. Robert Varipapa | Direct Mail Magazine



The American Graphic Design Awards recognizes the best in graphic design across all industry categories. These guys don’t designate gold, silver or bronze awards. So let’s be safe and assume these are all “gold” quality projects. Because really, they are.

Dr. J. Derek Tieken | Ad Series
Dr. Jeffrey Jarvis | Direct Mail Postcard Series
Dr. James Chaffin | Direct Mail Postcard Series
Dr. Angela Cameron | Brochure
Dr. Robert Varipapa | Direct Mail Magazine
Dr. Jonathan Golab | Ad Series
Dr. Gregory Miyake | Brochure
Roadside Multimedia | Brochure