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Getting Started

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Congrats. Obviously, you’re thinking about taking the next step. But before you call (The number is 866-590-4476. You know, just in case you were wondering), maybe you want to know how we work. If so, our process is below. Of course, if you’d rather just get started, who are we to get in your way? Click this handy blue button on the right and we’ll give you a call ASAP.

  • discovery


    Before we can map out a plan, we need to know more about you. We like to schedule about an hour on the phone to find out what inspired you to become a dentist, get a feel for your goals, talk about your new patient process and discuss your past successes and challenges with marketing.

  • research


    Using a zip code analysis of your present patient base, we get a feel for your market. We’ll do a demographic analysis, scope out the competition, and often do a little preliminary media homework to see what rates look like in your market.

  • the-plan

    The Plan

    Taking all that background, we then draft a plan. We like to think of ourselves as the “full mouth restoration” of marketing. We want to show you all the opportunities you have for growth, so this plan will be pretty comprehensive. But no fears. We’ll show you how to break it down into bite size chunks (pun intended) that you can execute in phases.

  • contracts

    Contracts and Financial Arrangements

    We’ll work together to determine which projects will best help you achieve your goals right now, and then we’ll give you an agreement that outlines all the details. Almost all of our clients take advantage of our long term, interest free payment plans so they can get more marketing up front, and take longer to pay. Yeah, we agree. That’s pretty sweet of us.

  • kick-off-calls

    Kickoff Calls

    Once the paperwork is signed, we’ll assign you your very own dedicated marketing team. We have brilliant writers, exceptional designers, edgy programmers, SEO geniuses, and some super friendly project managers who want to meet you. We’re going to ask you some pretty unusual questions in this kick off call, but don’t worry. We’re not stalkers. We just like to know our clients really, really well.

  • more

    Want to Know Even More?

    We’ve developed a very handy Client Success Guide that we send to all new clients. It answers pretty much anything you can think of about our processes and then some. Make sure to get your hands on this once we start working together.