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3 Reasons You Need a Landing Page

Written By: Jen Bernstein - May 16, 2017

you need a landing page

Before you understand why you need a landing page, it’s always a good idea to make sure you know what a landing page is.

In the world of marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page that is distinct from your main website and designed with one main goal. And many times that one goal is to capture leads and convert them into patients. This type of page is called a lead generation landing page.

Whether you use Google PPC ads, email, or even radio for your dental marketing, directing people to a specific landing page will be the best way of sparking their interest and converting those leads into new patients.

how a landing page works

top 3 reasons you need a landing page

#1 Landing Pages = Leads

A landing page will generate interest about a specific service or treatment, gather information from visitors, and convert potential leads into profitable patients through an enticing call to action or offer. It doesn’t just reach your target audience – it speaks to them personally. And because these pages are so specialized and good at what they do, landing pages can be extremely effective at capturing leads.

#2 Avoid Distractions

Whatever advertising method is driving visitors to your landing page, you don’t want them to be distracted by another message, call to action, offer, design element or links to your main website. These landing pages have one topic and one goal. You want to limit the options available to help guide a person toward your intended goal. They’re very different than a homepage whose job is to provide a general overview of what you do via links to additional pages.

#3 Trackable Results

We love measurable data and learning from how people interact with landing pages. Did you know this collected information can be used to craft a more appealing offer, to reach a more specific audience, and to get page visitors to convert more easily? It’s personalized, optimized marketing at its very best.
understanding landing pages is key

Contact GPM today to learn how we can create landing pages to track and measure your marketing results!

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